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4 key foods to gain muscle mass without getting fat

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Going to the gym weekly is not enough to show a muscular and strong body,
It is necessary to combine this practice with different habits and healthy diets for athletes composed of a series of indispensable ingredients.
Let’s see what are the 5 key foods to gain muscle mass without fattening that will allow you to look great this summer.

Let the bikini operation not catch you by surprise!


Eggs are a food rich in proteins and vitamins that, moreover, are very easy to incorporate into a habitual diet,
how? Very easy.
You can drink egg-based smoothies, make tortillas or if you want to even eat a boiled egg with a little oil.
The perfect equation for gaining muscle mass consists of three elements: exercise, adequate rest and healthy eating and,
Regarding fried eggs, it should be noted that they do not exactly fall into the definition of healthy food, avoid them at all costs!


Rice provides fiber and protein and, as it is rich in carbohydrates, it acts as a fuel for the body. As for vitamins,
It should be noted that rice provides calcium, iron and vitamin D and, with so many benefits, it is normal that its consumption is more than recommended!


For every 150 gr. of chicken our body receives 45 gr. of proteins and a caloric intake of 180 kcal.
and it should be noted that, in addition to being beneficial, it is very easy to find in any supermarket since practically all have boneless breasts that,
grilled with a little lemon or pineapple, they will make your mouth water!

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The best way to integrate this food into the diet is at breakfast time. Drinking oatmeal cereals with a little yogurt or skim milk is an ideal way to start the day.
You will get healthy muscle mass as well as b, calcium and potassium vitamins.

Tuna can be consumed in a thousand ways, both preserved and fresh, of course, it must be taken into account that it should not be abused because it contains mercury.
The European Union establishes that the legal limit of mercury is 1 ppm (part per million) and,
According to a publication of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), an average can contains 0.46 ppm,
which means that you would have to consume ten cans of tuna a week to exceed the maximum intake recommended by the Authority used for Food Safety.

That said, combining these 5 key foods to gain muscle mass without gaining weight in a single diet without falling into monotony is not easy,
Today there are different platforms like Nootric through which food professionals will help you to know what to do to avoid boredom.
Do not give more laps and get ready to find a way to tone your body!
Tuna This fish is a food rich in proteins, omega 3, vitamins A, B and D and calcium and, in addition,
It has very few calories which makes it ideal for slimming diets or where you want to gain muscle mass in a healthy way.

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