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Anaerobic exercise and its multiple benefits

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Anaerobic exercise and its multiple benefits

You are a person with a sedentary lifestyle and you think the time has come to incorporate a little exercise and weight loss in your day to day?
Maybe you should consider practicing some sports that are part of the anaerobic exercise.

Great health Benefits
What is anaerobic exercise?

It is a type of exercise that consists of performing high intensity physical activities, such as short races at high speed, abdominals or weightlifting.

The word anaerobic means without oxygen, and refers to the oxygen-free energy change that is produced in the muscles when performing this type of exercise.

Among its many benefits are:

. Prevent health problems: experts have demonstrated with their studies that anaerobic exercises can help prevent cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis and low back pain.

. It helps to maintain muscle mass and generate it: it is normal that from the age of 25 you begin to lose muscle mass. However, thanks to anaerobic exercises, it is possible to maintain it and generate new. For example, if you do table tennis, it requires fast movements of your legs, so you strengthen the leg muscles.
That is, when you practice remember to choose the right shoes or your feet could resent.

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. Greater strength and bone density: millions of people in the world suffer from osteoporosis.
It is true that taking calcium-and phosphorus-rich products helps strengthen bones, but not enough.
Therefore, anaerobic training, such as lifting weights or running quickly from one side to the other, helps to increase the strength and density of the bones, much more than any sport.

. It increases the metabolism: the truth is that the metabolism has to be fast, because if it is slow it is easy to gain fat.
Therefore, anaerobic training activates the metabolism, helping to generate and maintain muscle mass.

. Improves appearance: Is there any type of exercise that can shape the body and improve appearance?
Yes, and that’s anaerobic exercise, thanks to trainings like weightlifting.

What should be taken into account when practicing anaerobic exercise?

. If you are a beginner, and you are overweight, it is best to start with low intensity aerobic exercises until you get some resistance.
. Before you start intensive training it is good to perform a medical examination, and then compare the results of your training.
. It is not a type of exercise suitable for pregnant women.
. If you have a disease, consult your doctor before you think about doing this type of exercise.
. It is good to make preheating before starting any exercise.
. The sessions have to end with some stretching and relaxation exercises.

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