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The best fruits for the heart

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Maintaining a strong heart is essential as it is the engine of our body, many factors throughout life influence many of the diseases we have in the future, so it is very important to take care to prevent heart disease or anything Q The EU to cause the heart to malfunction.
Caring for food we are taking care of this organ, so I show you the fruits for the heart, because with your intake we are helping little by little.
In addition to these fruits, we have an entrance on the home remedies for the heart.

Fruits for the heart.

1. Apples: The flavonoids of this fruit make it much less adhere to platelets in the arteries, causing it to decrease cholesterol.
2. Berries: These delicious fruits are rich in natural antioxidants and many studies have shown that the consumption of berries protects from heart attacks and other illnesses to people.
Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries or raspberries are excellent fruits for the heart.
3. Bananas: Thanks to potassium helps to lower the risk of being able to suffer hypertension and is an excellent source of natural energy.
4. Kiwi: Provides potassium, magnesium, vitamins A and E. Helps our immune system be strengthened by reducing the chances of having any respiratory disease.
5. Papayas: This fruit is good to provide good digestion in proteins thanks to digestive enzymes..
6. The most Cítiricas fruits: fruits such as orange, lemon or lime are those that help to reduce cholesterol, are a good source of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.
7.Watermelon: This summery fruit is a very good option to maintain a healthy heart thanks to lycopene.
8. Cherries: Anthocyanins help the heart so it is recommended to ingest this delicious fruit.
9. Pomegranates: Thanks to the ellagic acid contained in pomegranate, carcinogens can be neutralized.
10. Grapes: These small fruits are an excellent antioxidant thanks to resveratrol. It is possible to reduce heart attacks and strokes.

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These are some of the fruits that can help you keep your heart in shape, but remember that alone are not enough.
Following healthy eating habits and exercise are key to caring for our heart.

These fruits for the heart are advised to be taken fresh, their properties are much better preserved than those that are bought in cans or even frozen.
It is also healthier to eat a piece of fruit than a healthy juice, but if it is the only way to drink fruit I recommend you read this article of healthy smoothies recipes.
If you want to make a good gift to a special person for you can give you some of these fruit baskets.
By the way, you should take three pieces of fruit a day

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