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How to properly care for your eyesight

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The view is one of our most important senses. And as much as we strive, all day long we depend on it.
However, people don’t take the precautions they should to take care of their vision.


Many mistakes are committed every day


At work, at home, in the street… we force the view at all times throughout the day and not always rest enough, and this makes gradually lose sight and with the passage of time will need more and more special goggles.
Also, the little care of the vision could end up in very serious illnesses.


So what can you do to start taking care of your vision a little more?


. Make small breaks: either at home or in your work, you have to keep your eyes off the computer, because each time you will feel more tired, and it is not good to force it.
Take a little walk in the room or just close your eyes for five minutes, so your eyes rest a little.

. Use the correct color in your pens: It may seem crazy, but it has been shown that the tonalities of pens that are not white or black produce eye fatigue, having to force more eyesight to recognize and read what is written.

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. Do not rub your eyes: When you take a while in front of the computer or watching TV, you may notice that you are irritated and need to scratch them.
You don’t have to, because your hands might not be clean at the time and you could introduce bacteria into your eyes. You better go to the bathroom and wash your face.

. Use good lighting: when it comes to using your eyes, whether to watch TV, work or just read a book, you need to have good lighting to not force the view more than it should. So always have your side a good lighting to save you problems.

. No exposing your sun view: The summer months is very important to wear sunglasses or a cap that protects your eyes from the rays of the sun, which are very damaging to the view, either to go to the beach or just take a walk. Never leave home without them.


Thanks to all this, you can take good care of your eyesight, but remember, the breaks are very important for your eyes to recover and so you can continue with your work.

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