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The Fit Way to a Woman’s Health

The Fit Way to a Woman’s Health Lose fat at the same time. A strength training done 2 to 3 times a week for a span of two months can result to two pounds of muscles and would mean a reduction of 3.5 pounds of fat. The more muscles and less fat, the faster is the metabolism, which ultimately means your body burns calories faster than normal. Women’s fitness and exercise needs are focused on the muscles of the upper back. And while men tend to focus on muscle building…

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Apple diet slimming in 5 days

Apple diet slimming in 5 days This 5 day Apple diet is simple and easy to follow as you detoxifies your body, accelerate your metabolism and as a result helps you lose weight. Other properties of the apple is that it helps fight cancer, reduces the risk of diabetes, prevents the formation of gallstones, cataract, and increases body immunity. As for the amount of calories, this is a low calorie diet, from 1.000 – 1.200 calories per day. If we look at the nutritional part, the diet of the apple…

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Yaca fruit which are characteristics?

Yaca fruit which are characteristics? The bread tree is a species that originated in Asia although it can now be found in Central America. It is a tree that grows very fast as long as it is in favorable conditions for it. The fruit Yaca is that it can be taken from its branches and usually need 20 weeks to reach its optimal state of maturation. There are a lot of properties of this tree so today we are going to talk about the Yaca fruit for what it is?…

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The health benefits of coffee

The health benefits of coffee Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most widely accepted beverages in the Western world, and it seems that it is no longer as damaging as it seems, but that recent research shows quite the opposite. And it is that the consumption of coffee can be beneficial for both our mental and physical health, and this is affirmed by the school of Public Health TH Chan of Harvard among others. It seems that this beverage can even protect us from certain diseases such as the development…

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Which is the basis of good nutrition

Which is the basis of good nutrition People have many open fronts that lead them to have a bad diet; Little time to cook, eating fast food what is known as junk food and lack of exercise are the three main causes of bad food today. But what can a person do to remedy it? You have to start taking your diet seriously An inadequate diet can lead to serious health problems, but if in time you can start to follow a Mediterranean diet, it is possible that soon you…

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Jellyfish chips could be the healthy snack of the near future

Jellyfish chips could be the healthy snack of the near future Using ethanol, we have created jellyfish chips that have a crispy texture and could be of potential gastronomic interest, Mathias P. Clausen, a postdoctoral fellow at University of Southern Denmark, said. A Danish team has created a new technique that turns the squishy jellyfish into crunchy chips within a few days, a process that typically takes weeks. Traditionally, the bell or body of a jellyfish is marinated in salt and potassium alum for several weeks to produce a crunchy,…

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The best fruits for the heart

Maintaining a strong heart is essential as it is the engine of our body, many factors throughout life influence many of the diseases we have in the future, so it is very important to take care to prevent heart disease or anything Q The EU to cause the heart to malfunction. Caring for food we are taking care of this organ, so I show you the fruits for the heart, because with your intake we are helping little by little. In addition to these fruits, we have an entrance on…

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Fruits for slimming and weight loss quickly

Fruits for slimming and weight loss quickly We already know that taking a healthy diet is the first step in slimming. A very popular option are the juices to lose weight, as they incorporate the perfect fruit combinations to help our body to eliminate fats. There is no food that helps us to lose weight by magic, nor do I have a wand to remove the surplus fat, I would like, but I do know some fruits to burn the fat of the body and that will become your allies…

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Exercise And Healthy Eating To Lose Weight The Easy Way

Exercise And Healthy Eating To Lose Weight The Easy Way   The basic formula for calories is that 3,500 calories equals one pound of body weight. In other words, if you take in that many calories, you will gain a pound; if you burn off that many calories you will lose a pound. If you would take in 300 fewer calories and burn 200 more calories, then that would add up to 500, or a loss of one pound per week. Exercise and healthy eating to lose weight go hand-in-hand…

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Anaerobic exercise and its multiple benefits

Anaerobic exercise and its multiple benefits You are a person with a sedentary lifestyle and you think the time has come to incorporate a little exercise and weight loss in your day to day? Maybe you should consider practicing some sports that are part of the anaerobic exercise. Great health Benefits What is anaerobic exercise? It is a type of exercise that consists of performing high intensity physical activities, such as short races at high speed, abdominals or weightlifting. The word anaerobic means without oxygen, and refers to the oxygen-free…

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