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The benefits of the physical activity for your body and mind.

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We know that exercising helps us reduce tension, but new studies show that the relationship between the two aspects is so fundamental that even physical activity protects us from stress by helping our minds and our hearts to lessen the effects Negatives of frequent exposure to tense situations.

The first thing that appears in our mind is the idea of any exercise that will help us lose weight and be fit when we ask ourselves what physical activity is.
However, moving our body often is not only good for our physical health but also for our mind.

There are many reasons to become a little more active. Some of the benefits of the exercise on our organism are:

Exercise improves concentration
All of the world’s primary and secondary schools have something in common:
a break in the middle of the day for physical activity, sharing with other classmates, and disconnecting for a few minutes of learning.

.It improves blood circulation and oxygen throughout the body.
.It prevents myocardial infarctions and vascular brain accidents.
.Regulates blood pressure.
.It reduces blood cholesterol.
.It improves the functioning of the nervous, circulatory, digestive, reproductive, respiratory, muscular and endocrine system.
.Increases the rate of muscle mass.
.Reduces Fat mass index.
.Strengthens joints and bones.
.It benefits a good posture.
.It improves joint flexibility and muscular elasticudad preventing body stiffness.

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But it is not just about improving our body health or reducing stress, exercise also favors our levels of concentration,
and is that after practicing any physical activity release hormones that make us be in a better mood and increase our Ability to care for everyday tasks

Is it possible to remember that when we returned to school we felt fresh and eager to learn?
The physics teachers know how to explain the reason, and that is that after the physical activity our mind works better and the body feels more active and more hardworking,
so we feel ready and energetic to do new mental activities.
Our memory works better, and the mind perceives all kinds of information well.
Even mental activities in conjunction with physical activities then favor the ability to better fix the new
Information we receive.

Knowing all these favorable factors we understand the reasons why physical activity positively influences our mental, psychological and social state.
Giving a space to exercise in our daily routine will not only help us to be healthier or have an adequate weight, but also to give much more in our daily work and tasks.
Let’s not forget that wise premise of Ancient Greece: healthy mind in a healthy body.

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