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The Best 9 Reasons to stop drinking

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Drinking from time to time a glass of any alcoholic beverage, or wine, is nothing bad for health. But to do it daily to the point of almost inducing an ethylic coma does not do anything right to your body.

Here are a number of reasons why you should stop drinking, both for you, and for your loved ones.

9 Reasons to stop drinking

It produces diseases:

alcohol is one of the leading causes of cancer in addition to other diseases such as cirrhosis.

It destroys the organism:

it not only affects the liver as many people believe, but it also damages the rest of your digestive system when there is a very high alcohol intake.

Change your temperament:

it is very related to alcohol that a person suddenly gets depressed, but it can also be much more violent and end up doing something that he then repents.


Alcohol contributes many calories to the body, 7 calories per gram, which implies an extra contribution that the body does not need and makes you gain weight quickly.

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Destroys the skin:

little by little alcohol is damaging our skin, weakening our body against free radicals, dehydrating the organism…

It damages teeth:

because of the sugar it contains, alcohol also destroys enough teeth, like any other industrial bakery product.

Alters sleep:

After drinking a lot, you may not have any gain to sleep, which will prevent your body from resting what it needs to be well.

It generates dependency:

Drinking a lot ends up making your body constantly require contact with alcohol, which is not going to be good for your health or for social life.

Sexual problems:

Alcohol decreases libido and affects your sexual activity, can cause erectile dysfunction and end up producing infertility in both men and women.

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