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Which is the basis of good nutrition

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Which is the basis of good nutrition

People have many open fronts that lead them to have a bad diet; Little time to cook, eating fast food what is known as junk food and lack of exercise are the three main causes of bad food today.
But what can a person do to remedy it?

You have to start taking your diet seriously

An inadequate diet can lead to serious health problems, but if in time you can start to follow a Mediterranean diet, it is possible that soon you can solve some health problems such as obesity

What is there to do to make a good diet?

. Eat fruit and vegetables: three portions of fruit and two vegetables a day.
A simple gesture that can help to have a better quality of life, thanks to that these foods are very rich in vitamins and minerals, in addition to the great antioxidant capacity that will help to take better care of the cells of the body and to prevent the cancer.

. Combine feeding with other things: do you know how healthy it is to combine the daily diet with some other product that gives you vitamins and minerals?
For example, you can take a timel a day to strengthen your defenses or when you feel appetite, to reduce gluttony and thus avoid chopping between hours.

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. It consumes several citrus fruits: Many believe that citrus is a food that only needs to be taken during the winter, as they help to strengthen the immune system and prevent colds or recover from the flu.
But, it is very good for the organism to have a glass of orange juice, tangerine, lemon or grapefruit a day to receive the necessary vitamin C.

. Garlic, the best food: Everyone knows the wonderful properties of garlic.
A food that can help fight any type of disease, but at the same time it is also a good food.
Eating a pair of garlic cloves in the morning is a good way to avoid gluttony after breakfast until lunchtime.
Although some recommend eating nine cloves of garlic a day.

. Yogurts: If you’re on a diet you’d better forget chocolate custard, flans or cheesecakes.
The best food to eat after a meal is a good yogurt, as well as when you feel you have enough appetite because you have not given time to eat hard.

. Control the amount of food in each shot: you have to eat five meals a day, is what has always been said.
But you don’t have to go through the amount.
The breakfast has to be strong, followed by a medium breakfast (a juice, with a toast), a strong meal, a light snack and finally a light dinner, since at night is how many more fats accumulate in the organism.

. Water: Nothing is more important than drinking water throughout the day.
The liquid also helps to avoid feeling appetite throughout the day, and it is a good toxin cleaner from the organism.


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